Tragic Romance ADULT Vampire Coffin Set 67 High Quality Animations Plus Male Dom & Sequences

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Spooky, Scary and a whole lot of Sexy, this Tragic Romance Adult Vampire Coffin is packed with 67 awesome animations great for Halloween, Roleplay & Vampires. Comes with a Texture Change HUD, choose from 3 Coffin emblem tops, Gothic Cross, Wiccan Moon & Silver Pentagram; 3 interior colors & styles, Red Velvet, Bone Satin & Deep Violet Baroque. (Lid Opens & Closes; See Photos)

Included is a Gothic Blood Candelabra, click the candles to add a haunting red glow, click the base to add a soft ambient light. Also an Aged Gothic Charcoal Round Throw Rug.

**Neck & Wrist Bite Animations Included**

This Coffin is set as the Female mourning the loss of her love, miraculously he rises from his death as a Vampire. Enjoy Beautifully Tragic Romantic Couples Animations as well as a Male Dom Menu plus 3 unique 1:30 minutes long Sequences.

This Coffin is set for a Male Vampire with 9 Unique Animations such as Dead, Repose, Risen & Dream.

Female Single Animations include Mourning, Farewell, Missing You & Peace.

All Menu Animations:

18 Single Sits/Lays
13 Cuddles
9 Foreplay
24 Sex
9 Male Dom
Plus 3 Unique Sequences

NOTE: Animations play inside the coffin, outside & on top, ” * ” marked Animations require the coffin lid closed.

*No Pose Balls
*Owner Access Menus
*Facial Animations On/Off
*Texture HUD
*High Quality Handmade Unique Textures
*Gothic Themed Menu & Animation Names

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